Favorite Things




Garden tools, tea and other essentials...


I bought these Bushline Chest Waders in the fishing department of a local hardware. They’re men’s size 7 (the smallest size I could find).

These Fiskars tree pruners are 16 ft long and can cut through an inch-diameter branch. A saw blade attachment handles larger limbs. My husband and son love these more than I do.

I found these used and refurbished galvanized aluminum maple sap buckets online. I also have some new plastic blue ones, but they don’t have the same rustic, romantic appeal.

Some of my numerous nature books. The top one is the Smithsonian Guide to Rocks and Minerals, a Christmas gift from my son. The granite rock he brought home from a field trip is always nearby.

Brass bird dinner bell. It keeps my birding books company on the bookshelf.

Minton (Grasmere pattern) tea cup. Twinings Earl Grey is my favorite tea, with milk. I’ve tried other brands, but always return to this one.

These elbow-length mucking gloves from Lee Valley are ideal for pond cleaning. Add the waders and I'm invincible!

We have a dozen pruners, and often lose them in the garden. I received these pretty floral garden tools as a gift, and use them in the herb patches.

I give homemade smudge sticks to friends when they move. Easy directions to make them are on my blog.

I love our homemade clay pottery, although it’s pretty fragile and I’ve already broken one bowl. Lucky there’s plenty more clay near the pond…

Boxes from the Ukraine protect my parents’ wartime documentation.

These boots are tall, cloth-backed rubber and haven’t leaked through years of use. I bought them a clearance outlet and don’t know the brand. The only thing written on the sole is Made in Italy.

Super comfortable Gardena garden gloves have a non-slip coating on the palms and fingers, and the elastic material on the back keeps them from slipping off.